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Arrivals on Empire Windrush

HMT Empire Windrush was originally a German cruise line. Requsitioned by the German military in WW2, she was taken as a prize of war by British forces and used afterwards as a troop ship.

In May 1948 HMT Empire Windrush left Tilbury with 500 airmen aboard keen to get back to their respective homes in Jamaica, British Guiana, Trinidad, Barbados, British Honduras and Antigua.

Having retuned these airmen to the Caribbean, HMT Empire Windrush collected 1027 passeengers from Trinidad, Jamaica, Bermuda and Mexico to return to the UK.

In Kingston, Jamaica a local newspaper advertisement offered voyages at £28 and £48 - this is equivalent to £1000 and £1750 at today's prices! But there was a queue for the tickets.

HMT Empire Winrush landed her passengers at Tilbury on 22 June 1948.

Of these seven intended to come to Cardiff.

Mr Clifford Hall and Mrs Hilda Hall were returning to their home in Rumney.

Gerald Campbell and Harold McDonald went to the boarding house at 10 Christina Street.

Varon Mitchell, Wentworth Blair and Martin Hudson went to another boarding house at 204 Bute Street.

Goldsmiths, Universty of London recreated Sea Arrival Cards to represent those destroyed by the Home Office. To view follow the link on each of the names above,