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Our team of trustees and volunteers have been woking for more than 2½ years to put an historic collection into a more coherent order and to start the process of making it available online.

Work has been interupted by Covid-19 but still much has been achieved. This exhibition aims to celebrate the work that has been done.

Also on display are elements that give a brief history of Tiger Bay & Cardiff Docklands accompanied by photographs comparing the present-day physical environment with that of the past

27 - 30 JULY 2021
10:00 - 16:00


The U-Boat Project 1914-18 has been a collaboration between the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, Bangor University and the Nautical Archaeology Society.
The project has been supported by a network of maritime museums, community and history groups across Wales including The Heritage & Cultural Exchange and the Museum of Cardiff.

Thanks to money raised by National Lottery players, the project has used the latest imaging techniques to reveal underwater wrecks from the Great War, and has supported coastal communities around Wales to tell their previously untold stories about the Great War at Sea. The project will be completed at the end on 2019 and this will be the last opportunity for people to see the travelling exhibition telling those stories.

Our local stories tell about

  • Cardiff’s contribution to the First World War and the lasting legacy the conflict had on our communities.
  • The heavy price Cardiff’s merchant fleet and its seafarers paid to keep the Royal Navy supplied with South Wales coal and the nation with essentials such as food.
  • Some of the experiences and heroism of Cardiff men that survived and pays tribute to the many that did not return. They have no grave but the sea.
3- 22 December 2019
10:30 -16:30
The Futures Gallery, Pierhead Building, Cardiff CF99 1NA

The Life and Work of
Neil M C Sinclair

Author activist and Tiger Bay historian

Neil M C Sinclair (1944 -2019) was a local historian, proactive community member, activist and publisher of community newsletters and books on Tiger Bay (Endangered Tiger, Tiger Bay Story).

The event which is a celebration of his life and work will include readings from his literary work and memories shared by members of the community.

Part of Black History Month 2019

Open Space, Cardiff Central Library
17 October 2019 5:50pm
Free Event
Book Via:
lThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
029 2078 0961

Tickets £5 

Book Online at National Theatre of Wales website


Wild Scenes at Cardiff

The ‘Cardiff race riots’: one of those moments in a city’s history that lingers – in family stories, in popular myths – but for which there is no complete official record.

National Theatre Wales and The Heritage & Cultural Exchange
12-13 June 2019, 7-9pm
Butetown Community Centre

Created and performed by Mike Pearson and Ali Goolyad

‘Wild Scenes at Cardiff’ declared the South Wales Echo.
‘Blacks Hunted By a Furious Mob’ proclaimed the South Wales News.

National Theatre Wales and The Heritage & Cultural Exchange present an evening to mark the centenary of the Cardiff Riots of June 1919.

In mid-June 1919, our city was plunged into four days and nights of violent mayhem that left three dead, many in hospital, and buildings wrecked and burnt.

Its causes were a complex knot of post-war frustrations following demobilization – lack of housing, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity. But most shocking was the racial aspect, as local troublemakers, ex-servicemen and Colonial soldiers clashed with Yemeni, Somali and Caribbean seamen, in front of vast crowds of on-lookers.

The ‘Cardiff race riots’: one of those moments in a city’s history that lingers – in family stories, in popular myths – but for which there is no complete official record.

Tiger Bay and the War at Sea during the First World War

Community day and talk.
Come and tell your stories


17 July 2018 
Drop in 10:00 - 16:00
Butetown Community Centre


Tiger Bay, First World War, BAME Seamen and their Community

A free public lecture by Helen Rowe and colleagues from Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales who will give an overview of the project to survey First World War wrecks and the involvement of coastal communities around Wales to tell stories of the ships and men and women onboard. This lecture will include material that relates especially to BAME seaman and the Tiger Bay community.

This lecture is linked the the Vision for Cardiff Bay & Heritage conference on 30 -31 May which is one of the events linked to the Volvo Ocean Race stopover in Cardiff (full conference programme for the 2 days

The lecture will provide an introduction to our own local project which will

  • research individual local First World War BAME seafarers
  • at a later public workshop collect and record memories and scan photos and documents
  • display at an exhibition the results of the research locally and around Wales

May 30 17:30
The Exchange Hotel


Pop-Up Museum at Wales Millennium Centre

We have collaborated with Ongl for WMC to add some of our image collection to this pop-up museum and coal carts.

Help create the pop-up museum exhibit, inspired by the theme of Growing up in Tiger Bay.
Whether you are from the docks or beyond, bring an object or image to share about your very own childhood playground and learn about the adventures of growing up in the wondrous and infamous Tiger Bay.

Make a copy of your object or image for the museum display; write a label and share your stories; watch a collective history of Tiger Bay grow! 

You can visit from:
Oct 30 - Nov 4, Nov 11, 18 & 25 
11:00 - 16:00

Explore more about the people and commerce of Tiger Bay on the coal carts at any time.